February 7, 2022

Comparison of Top CPA Review Courses

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Here is an extensive list of the review courses for CPA exam with the analysis of strengths and weaknesses of each course.

Wiley CPA Excel


Bite-sized Lectures: Without getting bored or overwhelmed, the Wiley CPAexcel reviews lectures are the right choice for learning. The length of the lecture range from 2-30 minutes. Moreover, the lecturers are active professors teaching at various universities.

Guarantee until passing the exam: This is a most generous policy in the industry. No-gimmick, real, and no-nonsense offer. This means that there is no pressure on the candidate to pay for the retake and finish the exam within 12 months period.

State-of-the-art technology: In CPAexcel, online connectivity is fully utilized by mixing a collection of analysis and diagnostic charts and a customized study planner which makes it a very interesting feature.


Visiting the site for the first time, the course catalog looks little intimidating because it has the option to choose and pick anything in the course. But, actually, this gives the option for the preparation of CPA examination as the students pay only what they want to learn, which a good thing is. Spend some time and look around to get Wiley CPA discounts.

Roger CPA Review


Unique course technology: The SmartPath is a new system in the market developed by the Roger. It helps to efficiently study by using predictive technology. This course tracks the progress, serves the right questions, adapts, and guides the candidate on a clear path to achieve success.

Guaranteed quality: Roger records the lectures and writes his own notes for every class to let the student know who is teaching and his/her qualification. Find Roger CPA promo codes here.


Brief lectures: Roger skips non-critical content of the exam. Hence, some students try to catch up and some may love it.

Gleim CPA Review


Test preparation Software: Practice questions of the Gleim are tough and good for those candidates who want to build develop more confidence. The Gleim is also loved-well because it has a huge number of questions. As compared to heavy lecture courses Gleim test prep is a very good supplement.

Course designing: using the SmartAdapt technology, it very easy to navigate. It strengthens the weak areas of the students and encourages them to effectively study and learn from the mistakes. Also, the video lectures are given by the university professors who cover difficult topics and MCQs of the CPA exam.


Limited availability of features:  some features of Gleim course that were the part of the traditional course are now not available after the launch of premium course. Some of those features are video lectures, access to the accounting experts, and unlimited access.

Becker CPA Review


Updated material: Becker hires the professional team to constantly update the course material. Because of this, there are very few errors and typos. In case of any error, Becker quickly post the update to their website to let everyone know. In addition to that, their MCQs, lecture notes, and software are user-friendly.


Overrated live lectures: Becker uses pre-recorded lectures in their live classes in which lecturer just tells to “highlight” this or “circle” that. Also, the lecture quality is really mixed because it doesn’t turn off and on the pre-recorded videos.

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