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Criminal Tax Matters

When you are the subject of a criminal investigation conducted by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), it is essential that you safeguard your interests and protect your rights with the help of experienced legal counsel.

The team of Florida tax law professionals at Frost Law provide years of experience, aggressive advocacy and client commitment that has earned them a reputation for achieving positive results.

We Handle a Wide Range of Criminal Tax Matters

Our legal team pursues in-depth investigations and skillfully negotiates to help protect your rights when you are facing criminal tax matters, including those involving:

  • Tax evasion
  • Tax fraud
  • Failure to file a tax return
  • Failure to pay collected taxes to the IRS
  • Failure to collect employment taxes
  • Submitting false documents
  • Providing false statements to IRS investigators
  • Money laundering

Do Not Delay Getting Legal Help

Our goal is to protect you from facing criminal prosecution. This is best accomplished by getting legal help right away. Criminal cases usually begin when an IRS civil unit refers a case to its criminal division. This often occurs when the civil unit finds some evidence of tax fraud. However, an initial fraud determination is made by the individual civil agent, and each agent may have a different definition of fraud. Therefore, it is critical to address these allegations early and take all necessary precautions.

If you are facing an IRS audit and your tax returns substantially understate your income or overstate deductions, you should cease all communication with your accountant and get legal representation immediately. Any privilege between you and your accountant does not extend to criminal investigations, and your accountant may be compelled to share any information you may have disclosed. In addition, your accountant may be forced to testify in front of a grand jury. However, the attorney-client privilege extends to all confidential communications and testimony may not be compelled during any proceeding.

A Criminal Investigation May Already Be Underway

A criminal investigation of your tax standing may already be underway without your knowledge. You should be wary if IRS agents who have been conducting your audit are no longer available, if aggressive telephone calls by the IRS have ceased, or if someone you know has been approached by an IRS special agent.

If you are contacted by an IRS special agent, you should seek legal advice.  You may refuse to give information to the agent and inform the agent that you are seeking legal counsel. The IRS may know more than you think. If you are put on the spot without heeding legal advice, your future defense may be compromised. When your reputation and your freedom are at stake, you cannot afford to face the IRS on your own.

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