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If your personal or corporate tax problem poses a potential threat to your finances and freedom, our law firm is here to remind you that every tax problem has a solution.

The problem-solving team of West Palm Beach Tax Attorneys whose experience, efficiency and expertise can put your legal crisis behind you is led by Glen Frost, founder of Frost & Associates. At Frost & Associates, we have a team of Tax Attorneys, Certified Public Accountants, Tax Consultants, International Tax Attorneys, Business Lawyers and Estate Planning Attorneys to help you with your tax and financial matters.

As a tax attorney and certified public accountant, Glen Frost is well versed in the procedural and substantive tax rules necessary to successfully represent clients involved in Internal Revenue Service (IRS) litigation, IRS audits, collection matters, international tax matters (FBAR), business law matters, estate planning matters and criminal investigations. His years working as an auditor and forensic accountant allow him to formulate creative strategies that solve IRS tax problems. He has successfully defended individuals and businesses involved in the most challenging state and federal tax controversies.

Tax problems may seem insurmountable at times — but they can frequently be solved with a well-thought-out strategy.

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