February 2014

IRS Eases Requirements for Streamlined Installment Agreements


Taxpayers who fall behind on tax obligations can have trouble catching up on their debt. Interest and penalties quickly add up, which is why it is always best to pay off a debt to the IRS as quickly as possible. The IRS considers taxpayers who can pay within 120 days [...]

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IRS Determinations Of Responsibility For Unpaid Payroll Taxes


One of the more difficult parts of being a business owner is dealing with tax issues. The tax laws in the U.S. can be complicated, and those who own or run business can easily make mistakes in payroll taxes. When the IRS believes that a business has not paid all [...]

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Florida Bankruptcy Attorneys


Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorneys in Florida Economic woes have affected numerous people. If you have found yourself falling behind on bills and mortgage payments and are being harassed by creditors of the IRS, it may be time to consider the protections offered through bankruptcy. Florida bankruptcy attorney Glen Frost is the founder [...]

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Florida Employment Tax Attorneys


Employment Tax Attorneys in Florida If you are a business owner who is experiencing tax problems related to your employees or another aspect of your business, it is important to get help from experienced legal counsel with a reputation for achieving positive results. Florida business tax attorney Glen Frost is the founder [...]

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Criminal Tax Cases


Criminal Tax Lawyers in Florida When you are the subject of a criminal investigation conducted by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), it is essential that you safeguard your interests and protect your rights with the help of experienced legal counsel. Florida criminal tax attorney Glen Frost is the founder of the Frost [...]

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IRS Tax Litigation


IRS Tax Litigation Attorneys In Florida If you are in the middle of an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) tax controversy that may need to be resolved in a courtroom, it is essential to get experienced legal representation in your corner to help prepare for the battle to come. Florida IRS [...]

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Offers in Compromise


Florida Offer in Compromise Attorney When the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) comes looking to collect taxes, it can feel like an overwhelming problem. However, every tax problem has a solution. One possible solution may be an offer in compromise (OIC), which can help resolve your tax controversy. Florida offer in [...]

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Installment Agreements


Florida Installment Agreements Lawyer When payment of back taxes or other tax controversies create financial problems for yourself or your business, it is time to seek experienced legal representation. Do not wait until it is too late. Florida installment agreements attorney Glen Frost is also a certified public accountant and founder of [...]

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